The Ex-Factor Project: SportsFan (Part 2)

So as I previously blogged, SportsFan was more than willing to answer my questions about our break-up. I was nervous as he was my first response. I know that I think we had a great relationship, but what was he going to say? Was I really prepared to hear the feedback? At first, after reading his answers, I thought he was just trying to be nice. But he assured me that he had little very bad to say about me or us. I always wondered what it was that caused him to call it all off. I now know that it really wasn’t me, it was him. I will let you read, in his own words (my comments will be throughout in italics).

Question 1. What did you first notice about me?

I noticed that you like to have a good time and you gave off the impression that you would be fun to hang with and get to know.

Question 2. What attracted you to me?

Your personality and the way we connected.

Question 3. What first made you decide you wanted to date me?

We had an instant connection and I could always be myself around you.

Ditto. As I said before, it was really like we were drawn together and everything just seemed to click.

Question 4. Describe one of our best times that we spent together or your favorite memory of us dating?

There were many good times. New Year’s Eve when we started at Towson then ended up at your friends place. I remember some artichoke dip. Also, I don’t know if we were technically dating but The Cure concert was a blast.

That New Year’s Eve was a really great night. Everything was so nice and laid back, but I felt really close to him that night. The Cure concert, he is right, was after we dated, but another really great time. Another favorite memory, although it shouldn’t have been one for me, was when I lost a bet had to wear his Steelers jersey. Although I am not a fan, we definitely made the best out of the situation.  :)

Question 5. What do you think is one of my best character traits?

Your ability to take care of someone. I can remember being REALLY sick and you would make tea with honey to make me feel better.

I am pretty good at that if I do tout my own horn there. And he forgot to tell you how much he liked my cooking . . . unless he just used to tell me he did  ;)

Question 6. What do you think is my biggest weakness?

I don’t know if it was a weakness but we always seemed to do what I wanted to do. Which was great but maybe we hung with my group more than yours. Hope that makes sense.

We did hang out with his friends more often, but I think that was mainly because, at the time, I didn’t have a ton of friends. The ones I did worked many retail hours that made it difficult, or had families. Just how it goes I guess…

Question 7. What is something I did that got under your skin?

I am so easy going so not much bothered me. I also can’t remember us every really fighting, which is a very good thing.

We never really did fight. I haven’t really fought that much with most of my ex-boyfirends, but with SportsFan, I can’t really remember one. Well, except when I was upset when he broke up with me. But that wasn’t a fight – that was me not understanding why he was leaving me.

Question 8. How did you know it wasn’t going to work?

My ex-girlfriend, whom I was still in love with, wanted to try and work things out. I had to give it a try.

This was the information that I did not have at the time. He didn’t tell me straight up that there was someone else. I suspected it, but I didn’t realize it was the ex-girlfriend he went back to. It wouldn’t have stopped him from going back to her, but I wonder if I would have accepted the break-up more at the time if I had known.

Question 9. When did you know you wanted to break up?

Same as question 8.

Question 10. What made you want to break up with me?

Same as question 8 … Sorry!

Question 11. Write anything else you would like to say here:

You are a great person. We always have fun together. There really wasn’t anything you did that made me turn away from you. My heart was still with another person and I couldn’t break loose. I reflect back and wish I would have ended things much earlier with my ex, not only for us but other things I could have experienced or not experienced.

Aww thanks! He is just as great of a person and I really appreciate his honesty and input.


Overall, I would say a successful part of my project. I got to hear things from his perspective, and I finally learned what it was that ended the relationship. He is a great person and we do always have a great time together, even still. I am glad to have met him and know that he is a part of my life, even if it is a small part.

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