The Voice: Top Ten Perform to Survive

Well, tonight was the performance round for the Top Ten on The Voice. I’m still a little bitter about losing De’borah and Michaela Paige, but I will refrain from bad mouthing America (and Christina) for now, and let’s get to the good stuff. Here is a break down of the performances in the order in which I rank them, from BEST (#1) of the night all the way down to the two I believe should be in jeopardy.

And Here Are the Top Ten!

1. Melanie Martinez: Seven Nation Army

Melanie’s tone, interpretation, and vision were dead ON tonight. You felt the smoldering pain leading up to the explosion. This is what I want to see MORE of from her.

2. Terry McDermott: Summer of ’69

Terry is a true rock star already in my mind. And Blake Shelton said it best last night when he told Terry “You really remind me what I love about Rock-n-Roll. Thank you!”

3. Amanda Brown: Stars

After a major mis-step last week, Amanda reminded us that she was the one who was a favorite from the beginning. Last week, I was worried that her odd (but still beautiful) version of a Florence & The Machine song had taken her OUT of the competition. She pulled up her bootstraps this week – watch out Melanie & Terry ;)

4. Dez Duran: Feeling Good

This one surprised me, in a very good way. Where was this sex god in the previous weeks? I think he wanted most women in America to help him in “Feeling Good” (if you know what I mean!) In my Twitter feed, I saw many comments like this:

Thanks @StephanieBoh – You said it for everyone!






5. Nicholas David: Lean On Me

I get it – you have a raspy voice. And I like it. But this song choice was just “meh” for me. It keeps you safe, but not by much.

6. Brian Keith: New York State of Mind

I thought this was an EXCELLENT song choice for a talented guy. But, he didn’t wow me. And kept it pretty traditional. I want to see more of him like what he did with Iris. Come back, the Bryan that I love!

7. Cody Belew: Crazy In Love

Coming out looking more like Adam Lambert at a BDSM club, I have to say that Cody BROUGHT IT with this performance. But, although I like him, he falls lower than others that simply have it better. This is a tough top group, so ranking here still means you pretty much are a star in my book. (Hai!)

8. Cassadee Pope: Over You

I KNOW that this is going to be an unpopular ranking (and if iTunes is any indication, most people think she is TOPS), but I didn’t really love this performance. I think it was a convenient choice and an opportunity to capitalize on a truly touching moment between Blake & his wife Miranda at the Country Music Awards. This was far from the Pop-Rock chick she claims to be. Don’t worry if you are a fan, the teeny-boppers who love her from her Hey Monday days will keep her safe. But others deserve her spot IMHO.

9. Trevin Hunte: Scream

This ranking is probably pure for his really poor song choice. This is not who you are Trevin! If you survive this week, please return to your true calling like Amanda did this week.

10. Sylvia Yacoub: Girl on Fire

Who? Oh yeah – one of Team Xtina who I predicted to go before the Top 12 taking a spot that should be help by De’borah! But I promised to not bring that up, right? Anyway – America – please throw some water on this fire and save us from more screeching.
That’s my list for this week. Join me on Twitter to chat during the show and look for my update tomorrow as to who survives. I have been thinking that I will list some of the songs I think that the survivors should sing next week. That should be fun, right?

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  1. I found something like this elsewhere and really liked. Some more of this please! Thanks

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