The Voice: Your Top 8 – Soon To Be 6

Another week, but performances for this Top 8 on the The Voice weren’t as strong as the Top 10. Maybe it is because the Coaches did not read my post about What the Top 8 Should Sing in time to prepare & practice for this week. That’s forgivable, but I hope they take some of my suggestions to heart with the six who survive. Since the talent level is so high, song choice and style are going to be critical to make it to the finals. Here is a break down of the performances in the order in which I rank them, from BEST (#1) of the night all the way down to the two I believe should be in jeopardy.

And Here Are the Top Eight!

1. Melanie Martinez: Too Close

First, we find out she chose this song because she is going through a break-up. I do feel for her, but she is 17 and I’m sure she’ll bounce back. I love that Adam Levine told her he would beat the guy up for her. That’s a team! She interpreted this song just beautifully. You could feel her pain and passion. I hope America is smart and keeps her! She could take this whole thing.

2. Amanda Brown: Someone Like You

I warned Terry & Melanie last week to watch out for her fire and she has moved up a spot in my book this week. Not only due to Terry’s mis-step in song choice, but also for taking on Adele. Adele is iconic already with her power and her style. People feel for her break-up. But Amanda owned this song and the arrangement was rocking! I really liked it and she may be on her way back to the top.

3. Terry McDermott: Over

I’ll say it again: Terry is a true rock star already in my mind. So WHY did he choose a country song? Even though it was a good rocking country song, it just didn’t suit him and he almost looked like he felt it too. However, his amazing voice powered through it and he only slips one spot on my chart. Next week, Terry & Blake: I WANNA ROCK!

4. Cody Belew: Somebody To Love

After his glam stint last week, I expected Cody was coming out of his shell. And taking on the role of Freddy Mercury by singing a Queen song? What has more guts and more flash than that? He definitely had some moments where he was overpowered by the back-up singers. But he definitely can be sure that he did Freddy proud, so he moves up the list this week.

5. Cassadee Pope: Are You Happy Now?

Even though I moved her ranking up, I KNOW that this is still going to be an unpopular ranking. I’m glad that she chose a song that is more suited to her Pop-Rock chick image that she constantly talks about. But I still want more! Go there! don’t play it safe! This is purely my opinion and judging from the way NBC showcases her and her still teeny-bopper popularity from Hey Monday, she will probably make final four if not take it all.

6. Nicholas David: What’s Going On?

I liked the more soulful song choice. I loved that Bill Withers himself came into the studio to give him tips. But I STILL want him to stretch a little bit. Show me more soul like tonight, without just a safe, classic choice.

7. Dez Duran: U Smile

Christina decided she doesn’t want to go out like that and tried to play a little dirty tonight. She had Dez sing Justin Bieber, which I’m sure was a ploy to try to get some of those teeny-boppers who are mass dialing for Cassadee to throw some love to her little hunky football Yale man. But alas, I think she might have hurt him. He tried to keep the crooner swag like last week with Feeling Good, but a Bieber song doesn’t have the melodies and changes that a song like that has. It wound up falling pretty flat. And although this was the only person Christina gave a good review to (translate that to she was GUSHING — thanks Beans8!), I don’t know if that is enough to save him again.

8. Trevin Hunte: The Greatest Love Of All

This ranking is probably purely for his performance this time. When thinking of possible songs for him for my post last week, I thought about this one a lot. I nixed it feeling like it was too predictable. But I thought her could handle it, regardless. Unfortunately, I may have underestimated him. If you are going to sing Whitney you belt that out! You do not just make it nice and sweet. Again – This is not who you are Trevin! And I think this was your downfall.

That’s my list for this week. Join me on Twitter to chat during the show and look for my update tomorrow as to who survives.

UPDATE Tuesday November 27, 2012 530 PM

Based on iTunes Performance, the Top 8 look like this:

  1. Cassadee Pope
  2. Melanie Martinez
  3. Nicholas David
  4. Amanda Brown
  5. Terry McDermott
  6. Cody Belew
  7. Trevin Hunte
  8. Dez Duron
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