Reason #796 To Love My Sister

So, my sister and I haven’t always gotten along. And there are plenty of times that we still disagree. But growing up in a crazy family, you have to stick together. One of the best ways to make it through it all was to make fun of things; lots of things. People say I am funny, but my sister beats me on that front hands down. Here is a perfect example of one of the many reasons I love her to death!

I log onto Facebook and see her status:




I was a bit perplexed cause I wasn’t entirely sure what she is referring to, but I let it pass. We are chatting together about another topic, until she brings the conversation around to her status.

Sis: Do you know what my FB status is about?

Me: I’m not sure

Sis: You were my only hope obileilan kanobi

Me: George Herbert Walker Bush??

Sis: LOL, yes, George Herbert Walker Bush looks like death, quite literally

Me: He is getting old, that’s all

Sis: IDK They showed him on the news tonight and I was like Whoa

Me: LOL … He is 88 and in the hospital with Bronchitis lol

Sis: Well I don’t know when the pic was taken but he looked like crap

Me: You are so silly

Sis: I’m just saying, he’s probably gonna die soon

Me: Actually, this article says he is recovering well and will be released soon

Sis: Well of course they are going to say that – they can’t ruin Christmas!


Sis: He’s looking a little Weekend at Bernie’s here in June

But they fattened him up just a few months later

She never ceases to amaze me and always knows how to make me smile. I’m lucky to have her in my life. Get well soon, G.H.W. Bush! You are a sweet man, just not the best politician ;)

One response to “Reason #796 To Love My Sister

  1. So sweet! Looks like the funny gene runs in your family :)

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