The Voice: Top Six Leave It All On Stage

What a crazy awesome night for The Voice last night! These Top Six performers came to win it and their performances (well, most of them) were the best I have seen on any competition singing show to date. This is going to be tough to call as all of them are outrageously talented and I can see almost any one of them grabbing the top prize in the end based on at least one of their songs tonight. Let’s jump right into it.

Voice Top 6

Here is a breakdown of the performances in the order in which I rank them, from BEST (#1) of the night (which is only by shreds of an inch).

  1. Terry McDermott: I Wanna Know What Love Is
  2. Terry McDermott: Stay With Me
  3. Melanie Martinez: Crazy
  4. Amanda Brown: Here I Go Again
  5. Nicholas David: Somewhere Over The Rainbow
  6. Trevin Hunte: And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going
  7. Amanda Brown: Natural Woman
  8. Melanie Martinez: The Show
  9. Cassadee Pope: I’m With You
  10. Nicholas David: September
  11. Cassadee Pope: Stand
  12. Trevin Hunte: Walking On Sunshine

You can see now why this is so difficult, right? Here are the major points I think came out tonight to help us decide.

1. Cassadee Pope should NOT win this thing. I know that I am still going to get flack for placing Cassadee so low, but I’m not sorry. She does not have the depth of the others. She also lacks tone and power, especially when she reaches into the upper registers. I know I’m not the only one who is noticing her sometimes screeching (am I right, Beans 8?). She is also the only one who has had a somewhat very successful and popular career already. She was the lead singer for Hey Monday who appeared on the Warped Tour. She walked away from that to go solo, and I think it was a big mistake. Let’s not reward her for this. She does not deserve to win this over the others.

2. Each contestant that survives needs to stick to their instincts. The best performances tonight, in my opinion, were the songs that they chose to perform, not their coaches. I don’t think this means that the coaches are wrong by any means. I think it speaks to something that Blake alluded to during the show. When you feel a lyric and can connect with a song, it comes through in your performance. CeeLo saw Terry thinking about his wife and mother during his Foreigner interpretation. Melanie connected with people thinking she is “crazy” as an original. Trevin showed me for the ONLY time this season that he can belt it out finally. Adam’s choice for Amanda was better than her pick, but I think it is because he really sees the rocker in her that she has forgotten about the past few weeks.  Listen Final Four – Do Your Thing and You Will Win!

3. Christina Aguilera plays favorites and is NOT paying attention to talent anymore. Honestly, I think that since all of her artists were eliminated, she shouldn’t be allowed to comment anymore. She lost a lot of my respect last week with her antics trying to save her only contestant Dez (who probably should have stayed over Cassadee, but I digress), but this week she hit an all time low. First, she was dismissive in many of her critiques. She told Terry he better listen to her because she takes a long time with her notes, she didn’t think Amanda is being true to her rocker self, and she gushed for Cassadee & Trevin (almost taking credit for his success – CeeLo should really smack her for that one). Her worst offense, though? Basically bullying the multi-talented 17-year old Melanie. I was outraged and so was most of Twitter from what I could tell of the favorites & re-tweets of my comment.


She chided sweet Mel for not looking at her, sang her OWN little ditty during the review, and constantly only giving credit to the set designer who she named by name like 5 times (is she sleeping with him?). Thank you to the WONDERFUL Adam Levine for stepping into the big brother role and standing up for his girl and correcting Miss C, telling her that he and Melanie were the geniuses she should have been praising as they were the ones with the set concept. That’s right – she got served!

I could make predictions, but I really am not sure who all four will be. I think Terry is safely in the Top Four, as well as Cassadee (I don’t know why though). The other two will be a toss-up and we all know America is a strange beast.

That’s it for this week. Join me on Twitter to chat during the show and look for my update tomorrow as to who survives.

UPDATE Tuesday December 4, 2012 2:30 PM

Based on iTunes Performance, the Top 6 look like this:

2.  Terry McDermott: I Wanna Know What Love Is

3.  Cassadee Pope: Stand

4.  Nicholas David: Somewhere Over The Rainbow

7.  Cassadee Pope: I’m With You

8.  Trevin Hunte: And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going

13.  Melanie Martinez: Crazy

17.  Melanie Martinez: The Show

22.  Amanda Brown: Natural Woman

30.  Terry McDermott: Stay With Me

31.  Amanda Brown: Here I Go Again

40.  Nicholas David: September

56.  Trevin Hunte: Walking On Sunshine

One response to “The Voice: Top Six Leave It All On Stage

  1. OMG. I’m glad to have found another “The Voice” geek! And I now have a place to geek out over it. I like your analysis. I agree about Cassadee. I do think she’s talented, but don’t think she should win. It’s kind of a bummer that she was already a (sort of?) professional musician before entering this thing. I’d rather give it to more of an amateur. I don’t really have one favorite, but am leaning toward Amanda, Trevin & Nicholas. I also really like Melanie and have been voting for her the whole time, but not sure she should actually win. Oh, hell, I’ll just analyze it all:

    Amanda: IMO, the most consistently solid performer. Always nails it. She had her big “moment” with Dream On and hasn’t quite wowed us in the same way since, but perhaps because that was a hard one to beat. I do think her vocals are rock solid plus she has great stage presence and can do almost anything.

    Trevin: When he gets it, he gets it better than anyone. Blows it out of the water. Last night’s J. Hud song? Unbelievable. But he’s not always consistent, most likely due to some poor song choices (Walking on Sunshine, that Usher song) that don’t showcase his voice. But he’s only 18. Once he develops more, lawdy, watch out. I do think he has the most “God-given” talent, as Adam says.

    Nicholas: Also super consistent and love his quirky style. I like that he’s weird-looking. I love his deep, raspy, soulful voice. But there are no surprises with him and on The Voice, people like to be surprised. I’d love to see him change it up a bit, but of course it’s tricky and risky. He is still a fave of mine and of all of them, I might actually buy his album. My favorite performance of his was actually What’s Going On.

    Melanie: I love this girl’s quirky style, too. I like her haunting voice quite a lot. Again, I might buy an entire album of hers. Is she the most talented? Probably not. Similar to Nicholas, she seems to be kind of a one-note player. They tried to change it up with last night’s The Show, but unfortunately it didn’t quite work. I didn’t get that she was really feeling it. I actually loved her rendition of Crazy.

    Terry: I absolutely don’t deny this guy has talent. But to me, sometimes I feel like he’s straining and I can hear it. And until last night, I didn’t really feel the emotion in his voice. I just really want him to just lose it on stage. His performances last night (both great) were his best of the season, IMO.

    Cassadee: Girl can sing. But, like Terry, I don’t really feel her personality when she sings. Her performances have improved since the beginning, though. Maybe it’s just personal preference; I just don’t feel her as much as the others.

    And here’s the thing about Christina. Honestly, she hasn’t said anything that’s been downright rude. She just doesn’t gush over everyone. And I honestly believe if she were a man there wouldn’t be so much hating on her for her comments. Simon Cowell made a career out of it and people loved to hear him diss contestants on Idol. Christina isn’t NEARLY as harsh as Simon. I mean, the show can’t always be a big love fest. If she doesn’t like something, she expresses it. Adam has done so in the past as well (e.g., Mackenzie Bourg) and no one got mad at him for it. Her comments last season about Tony Lucca were spot on, IMO. When she made the comments, he WAS one-dimensional and he was absolutely not the best voice on the show. That said, she does seem not to favor most of Adam’s team members. Personal vendetta? I don’t know. Adam is a real charmer on the show but he seems to be kind of a dog with women.

    But back to the contestants – I think these Top 6 are all really great. It wouldn’t be a travesty if any of them won. But, of course, we all have our favorites. :)

    MAN look at all that word vomit! Thanks for letting me geek out here. I’ll be watching tonight!

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