Tess & The Dress: The Voice Top 10

The Voice is down to the Top 10 and they did not really have a stellar night. I have to say that I’m not overly enthused with the finalists this year, but of course, I still love the show. And to get Adam Levine‘s phone number? Such a treat – Thanks Blake! (No I did not call him. Honest. That wasn’t me. You can’t prove it, can you? Oh.) Anyway, let’s get down to the recap and predictions, shall we? I will present them in the order in which I think they ranked in performances last night.

  1. Kat Perkins: Landslide by Fleetwood Mac  Kat opened the show with this touching tune. Being a huge Stevie Nicks fan myself, I think Kat did beautifully. Stevie is a legend and very hard to cover, but Kat highlighted the beauty of the song as well as added some of her own style to it. Her emotional connection to the song really came through. I think Stevie would be proud of this performance. Unlike the time the Grammy’s put her on stage to “duet” with Taylor Swift; something I think still wakes up Stevie at night regretting.
  1. Josh Kaufman: This Is It by Kenny Loggins  I think this was a great song choice for Josh and he handled it very well. He sang the gritty Loggins song with soul and even was able to hit the Michael McDonald harmonies as well. He has an amazing range and up until tonight he was my hands-down favorite to win this season. But with performers like Kat and Christina stepping up their games, he is going to have to do the same. I think he is up to the challenge.
  1. Christina Grimme: Hold On We’re Going Home by Drake  I did say before she performed that I think choosing anything by Drake is usually a mistake. However, she turned the song into an actual song. Even legendary Graham Nash stated, “Because she loves this song, she will be able to convince people she wrote it.” And, let’s face it – she kinda did! Beautiful, strong, and emotional – I almost placed her above Josh. Almost.
  1. Kristen Merlin: Let Her Go by Passenger  I don’t know if it helps that I don’t know the original, but I loved so much about Kristen’s performance. She has a unique look and a beautiful voice. This song showed a vulnerable side to her singing that I think will take her far. Bravo!
  1. Audra McLaughlin: You Lie by Reba McEntire  I don’t have much to say about her, mainly because she just puts me to sleep. Nice performance and by singing country and pandering to the audience, she’s likely safe this week.
  1. Tess Boyer: Ain’t It Fun by Paramore  Oh Tess, Tess, Tess – needless to say, I thought she should have gone home last week over losing Dani Moz. Although this performance ranks higher than I would like to put it on my list (i.e. last), she did step it up a lot this week. Even Adam pointed out that she performed with skill and precision and stated “Good timing, my dear.” She really was pitch perfect and had fun with it aside from being dressed in a very ugly dress. As the King of snark Dennis stated:


  1. Sisaundra Lewis: Oh Sherrie by Steve Perry  I think this was another good unexpected song choice. However, she just pushed it too much and did not impress. She over sang it and lost the rock roots that the song delivers so beautifully. She also managed to take some of the soul out of it, which I was really shocked by. Although she slipped, I don’t think it’s enough to put her in jeopardy.
  1. Delvin Choice: Bright Lights by Gary Clark, Jr.  Graham Nash was right in stating that Delvin has great talent. However, this week, I think he missed his mark. This blues song needed more blues. It needed more grit and power. It just didn’t move me this time. But I do know his name.
  1. Jake Worthington: Run by George Straight  Jake is a simple country boy. He is a simple talented country boy who chose a classic country song for his performance.  But I think he played it a little safe. I didn’t hear anything in his version that stood out. It was good. But that is all it was. Hopefully, he stays and comes back strong.
  2. Bria Kelly: I’m With You by Avril Levine  This was a shaky performance for Bria. This song is a difficult one and there were some points where I just heard odd noises and straining. Sadly, I almost think that “She Who Must Not Be Named” (SWMNBN – for reference) sang this better on her season. Adam gave her some great constructive criticism because she is “one of his favorites.”  I think she is in trouble.

So now for the noon iTunes rankings for what the buying America thought:

  1. Christina Grimme (#4)
  2. Kristen Merlin (#19)
  3. Audra McLauglin (#30)
  4. Kat Perkins (#33)
  5. Josh Kaufman (#35)
  6. Jake Worthington (#38)
  7. Sisaundra Lewis (#66)
  8. Delvin Choice (#75)
  9. Bria Kelly (#125)
  10. Tess Boyer (#156)

How will it end up? I think it’s safe to say that America will let Tess go this week. Even week old perofrmances for Josh and Christina are still ranked higher than her Paramore rendition. I’m a little sadder than I thought I would be by this obvious choice. Guess it wasn’t good timing, after all Adam. She was too late. Join me on Twitter during the Live shows and join in the snarky fun!

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