It’s All Coming Back To Me: The Voice Top 8

The Voice is down to the Top 8 and what a rocky night it was. We got to enjoy #Meh performances from our future new judges Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani. We got to reunite with another Gwen (Sebastian from Season 2) who joined Blake in singing “My Eyes” and assisted him with his performers. I have to say that I’m not overly enthused with the finalists this year, but of course, I still love the show. I think my ranking this week is pretty strong, but I know America will screw at least a couple of my choices up. I will present them in the order in which I think they ranked in performances last night.

  1. Josh Kaufman: I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt  This being such an iconic song could have been trouble for my favorite soul man, but he handled it with amazing poise. He added in emotion and really connected with the song. Hands down – Goose bumps.
  1. Christina Grimme:  How To Love by ‘Lil Wayne  Just as I screamed to myself last week that choosing anything by Drake is a mistake, I was floored when Carson said that our little powerhouse would be attempting ‘Lil Wayne. But again, she found the hook and made something potentially awful into a beautiful ballad. However, I worry about the kitch factor that this becomes a “thing”. She has more talent than to be a gimmick.
  1. Kat Perkins: Get Lucky by Daft Punk  This one I was a little torn on. I loved some of the rocker edge she added to it, while still maintaining the harmony. But I think she over sang it a bit. So why then, do you ask, is she so high on my list this week? Well – that’s how lackluster the rest of them were last night.
  1. Kristen MerlinI Drive your Truck by Lee Brice I don’t know if it helps that I don’t know the original (again), but I enjoy Kristen’s emotional delivery. It’s country and those fans eat up sappy songs like this. But, if she wants to get to the top, time to step out of the comfort zone a bit, my dear.
  1. Audra McLaughlinForgive by Rebecca Lynn Howard (repeating last week’s words)  I don’t have much to say about her, mainly because she just puts me to sleep. Nice performance and by singing country and pandering to the audience, she’s likely safe this week.
  1. Jake Worthington: Hillbilly Deluxe by Brooks & Dunn And Boy, was this ever. A shining example of what bores me mostly about county. Although, Jake rocked it out (did you SEE that high kick?) and I have a feeling America will rank him higher than I did.
  1. Delvin ChoiceI Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelly  Again, another iconic song that has been done many times. If you aren’t going to make it your own, leave it alone. It was a fine performance, but I think it missed the mark. I didn’t feel it and I don’t think America did either.
  1. Sisaundra Lewis:  River Deep, Mountain High by Tina Turner  Girl, if you are going to sing Tina, then you SING Tina. She completely oversang it yet once again and managed to take the soul out of a beautiful classic. How do you take soul OUT of a song? Ah yes, “It’s all coming back to me now“. She was the back-up singer for Celine Dion and guess who else took the soul out of this same Tina song? Looks like it’s the end of the road tonight.

So now for the noon iTunes rankings for what the buying America thought:

  1. Josh Kaufman (#2)
  2. Christina Grimmie (#4)
  3. Kat Perkins (#15)
  4. Jake Worthington (#21)
  5. Kristen Merlin (#29)
  6. Delvin Choice (#41)
  7. Audra McLaughlin (#63)
  8. Sisaundra Lewis (#73)

How will it end up? This is going to be a tough call as three people go home tonight. I’m also wondering if the bleach Adam used for his new do impaired his song choices for his contestants this week, because he may have sent them packing. Join me on Twitter during the Live shows and join in the snarky fun!

One response to “It’s All Coming Back To Me: The Voice Top 8

  1. I agree with your top two, but I’m not as sold on Kat Perkins based off last night’s performance. But I understand your reasoning, there were a lot of underwhelming performances.

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