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Songs for a Rainy Day – If You Are Feeling It

Hurricane Irene is upon us strong and heavy. It seems like all we have seen lately is rain, rain, and more rain! It definitely can make some people go stir crazy, evidence of which was even seen on the local news on WBAL as the day wore on. Rod Daniels had his dog in the studio, Debra Weiner seemed to be growing impatiently annoyed with everyone, and Donna Hamilton popped into other anchor’s screens.

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Albums That Are Awesome Front-to-Back

My friend and I started talking about making this list a long time ago. We started and stopped a ton of times, but could never really concentrate to pull it off. This week, I was asked to share some of my favorite playlists with friends, and I decided it was time to finish the task. If you know me, you know the anger that seethes inside me when I read a lot of those ranked lists on VH1 or in Rolling Stone. Reason being, when you get toward the top of those lists, it is so hard to say sometimes what is TRULY better because they are all so great in their own right (don’t worry – I won’t open that can of worms in this post). Therefore, This list is NOT in any numerical order. It is not to say that these are the artistic best efforts or most popular collections by these artists either. This list simply asks, “What is the album you can listen to, beginning to end, without skipping a track. My rules were:

  1. No Greatest Hits or Compilations – those are essentially cop-outs for this purpose.
  2. No Live albums – again, although many of these performances blow me away (i.e. Live from Dakota by Stereophonics, Rock Spectacle by Barenaked Ladies, 101 by Depeche Mode, and Mirrorball by Sarah McLachlan among many others) – they are a collection and for this purpose do not qualify
  3. You have to want to listen to the album in its entirety. Now, I make the exception if you only skip one track. We all know that The Police were trying to keep the band happy by letting Andy Summers sing or that many bands like to put that one experimental track out there to see what fans will say.

I am sure there have been some I missed (I mean – I did find at 100!) and I would love to hear your suggestions as well.

52nd Street by Billy Joel
A Rush of Blood to the Head by Coldplay
Abbey Road by The Beatles
Achtung Baby by U2
American Idiot by Green Day
August and Everything After by Counting Crows
Automatic for the People by R.E.M.
Back to Black by Amy Winehouse
Bleed American by Jimmy Eat World
Bloodflowers by The Cure
Blue Is the Color by The Beautiful South
Blue Is The Colour by The Beautiful South
Born in the U.S.A. by Bruce Springsteen
Breakfast in America by Supertramp
Carnavas by The Silversun Pickups
Crimes of Passion by Pat Benetar
Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd
Disintegration by The Cure
Dizzy Up the Girl by The Goo Goo Dolls
Document by R.E.M.
Dulcinea by Toad the Wet Sprocket
Eyes Open by Snow Patrol
Fizzy, Fuzzy, Big, and Buzzy by the Refreshments
Four Calendar Café by Cocteau Twins
Friction, Baby by Better Than Ezra
Fumbling Toward Ecstasy by Sarah McLachlan
Funeral by Arcade Fire
Ganging Up on the Sun by Guster
Garbage 2.0 by Garbage
Gordon by Barenaked Ladies
Heart Shaped World by Chris Isaak
Hot Fuss by The Killers
Hotel California by The Eagles
Hunting High and Low by a-ha
Ill Communication by The Beastie Boys
In My Tribe by 10,000 Maniacs
Just Enough Education to Perform by Stereophonics
Kick by INXS
Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me by The Cure
Life’s Rich Paegent by R.E.M.
Listen Like Thieves by INXS
Little Creatures by The Talking Heads
London 0 Hull 4 by The Housemartins
London Calling by The Clash
Louder Than Bombs by The Smiths
Low-Life by New Order
Moving Pictures by Rush
Music for the Masses by Depeche Mode
Never Mind The Bollocks…. by The Sex Pistols
Nevermind by Nirvana
No Angel by Dido
No Name Face by Lifehouse
Out of Time by R.E.M.
Outside Looking In by The BoDeans
Pablo Honey by Radiohead
Paul’s Boutique by The Beastie Boys
Pretty Hate Machine by Nine Inch Nails
Purple Rain by Prince and the Revolution
Rage Against the Machine by Rage Against the Machine
Rebel Yell by Billy Idol
Revolver by The Beatles
Rio by Duran Duran
Rockin’ The Suburbs by Ben Folds
Rumors by Fleetwood Mac
Scarecrow by John Mellancamp
Set Yourself on Fire by Stars
She’s So Unusual by Cyndi Lauper
Sixteen Stone by Bush
Skylarking by XTC
So by Peter Gabriel
Some Great Reward by Depeche Mode
Songs From the Big Chair by Tears for Fears
Special Beat Service by The English Beat
Sticky Fingers by The Rolling Stones
Stunt by Barenaked Ladies
Synchronicity by The Police
Tattoo You by The Rolling Stones
Technique by New Order
The Doors by The Doors
The Fame by Lady Gaga
The Invisible Band by Travis
The Joshua Tree by U2
The Queen Is Dead by The Smiths
The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars by David Bowie
The Stranger by Billy Joel
The Velvet Underground & Nico by The Velvet Underground & Nico
The Wall by Pink Floyd
This Year’s Model by Elvis Costello
Thriller by Michael Jackson
Throwing Copper by Live
Together Alone by Crowded House
Under the Iron Sea by Keane
Violator by Depeche Mode
Violent Femmes by The Violent Femmes
Waiting for My Rocket to Come by Jason Mraz
War by U2
Weezer (The Blue Album) by Weezer
What’s The Story Morning Glory by Oasis
World Party by Deee Lite
You Forgot it In People by Broken Social Scene